Find the Best Roach Killer

Cockroaches are one of those critters that make most people squirm. Yet a complete elimination of roaches may not be the best thing for our planet. Not only are roaches an effective food source for other animals, but they also leave us a lot of nitrogen for our soil. That’s fine for the outside. When roaches move into a home, that infestation presents the potential for several health risks.

That’s why knowing how to find the best roach killer can protect your health, but also let roaches do their thing somewhere off of your property.

PictureProduct NameOur RatingPrice
PictureProduct NameOur RatingPrice
Advion Syngenta Cockroach Gel Bait4.5$$
No More Roaches Natural Spray4.5$$$
Combat 12 Month Roach Killing Bait4.1$$
Ortho Home Defense Max4.0$
Harris Boric Acid Roach Powder With Lure4.1$
Hot Shot Ultra Liquid Roach Bait4.2$$
Raid Ant & Roach Killer4.3$
Eliminator Plug-In Pest Repeller with Night Light4.4$$

From simple sprays that work on visible roaches to baits and traps that lure them out of hiding, there are several effective ways to kill roaches when needed. Not every method is effective, however, so we put together the chart above so you can review the top-rated products in this category.

What Works When Trying to Kill Roaches?

If you don’t want to pay the high costs a local exterminator may charge, then there are several DIY methods that can work to rid your property of roaches.

Adhesive Traps. This type of roach killer attracts the insects to the trap. They wander in, expecting to have a nice dinner, and then get stuck in the glue. Since they can’t move, eventually they die because they have no access to food or water. Traps work well for homes that have an occasional roach issue.
Baits and Sprays. Roach baits and sprays will also attract the insects, providing the hope of a tasty dinner. Then the poison of the bait begins to work and it causes the roaches to die. This method is effective when there is a suspected infestation or nest present because it can kill large numbers of insects rapidly. It is not recommended for homes that have pets or young children, however, because roach bait can also sometimes be hazardous to personal health.
Electronic Removal. A new form of roach eradication doesn’t actually kill the insect. Audio products emit high-pitched sounds that humans cannot hear, but the insects certainly can. Just plug this type of product into any standard outlet where a suspected roach nest happens to be and it will repel them. The only downside to this product is that every room in your home may need one to prevent roaches from just moving their nest.

Getting direct access to a roach nest is virtually impossible to do. This is because cockroaches will find cracks in your walls or floor, crevices in your foundation, or that warm spot between your kitchen cabinets and your wall to build their nest. It will be dark and hidden, which means you need to draw them out.

That’s what the best roach killers are designed to do.

What About Homeopathic Roach Killers? Do They Work?

There are several “natural” DIY methods of killing roaches that are found online. Maybe you’ve seen some of the recipes which speak high praises of an ability to remove roaches?

• Spraying citrus liquids on surfaces that roaches might travel. The theory is that roaches don’t like acidic products. It’s a theory that doesn’t work very often.
• Using soap and water on roaches as a killing spray. Now if a roach gets put into a bucket of soapy water, it might drown. Otherwise spraying soap and water on a roach is only going to give it a bath.
• Cucumber peels are also believed to work, sort of like using lavender to prevent scorpions from entering a home. Roaches actually use this as a food source, so you could actually worsen the issue.
• Herbal leaves are also sometimes recommended. This might make the roaches get a spicy mouth, but that’s about it.

Roaches are always on the hunt to find the food and water their nest requires for survival. This is why you’ll find them in areas like your kitchen or garage. Because they have a food and water source, they can establish a complete infestation. They will not move until you force them to move.

That’s why you need to best roach killers helping you get the job done.

How to Safely Apply the Best Roach Killers

Since most roach killers involve a poison or insecticide, the first safety rule is to keep pets and kids out of the room where the product is going to be applied. Dogs especially love to lick up the gels and other baits that get left out for roaches. Although the chances of something negative happening to your pet are small due to the low levels of poison involved, it is better to be safe and sorry.

The same is true for a curious child who might decide that an entire box of roach bait makes for a great after-school snack when you’re not watching them.

Your primary concern is going to be for any roaches that make it to the outdoors. Birds and other animals which prey on roaches can be affected by the consumption of a poisoned roach. You’ll want to find possible exit points for a roach nest, seal it off, and then apply your roach bait.

And, if there are personal concerns with using insecticides or poisons on roaches, a glue trap will always be an effective solution. Just place them at suspected travel points and you’ll be able to pick off a nest, one roach at a time.

What Are the Prices of the Best Roach Killers?

Roach killers are typically priced in the $10-$20 range. That investment will give you a handful of traps, a full package of roach bait, or a full can of insecticide. If you purchase products in multi-packs, you may be able to save a little on the per-product cost.

If you prefer to use the electronic removal methods, then expect to pay a minimum of $20 per item. For large homes, there may need to be several of these products plugged in, so the cost may exceed $100 for some users.

Compared to the cost of the average exterminator, which is $35-$50 per month for most communities, the savings of purchasing the best roach killer really adds up quickly.

Our Reviews

Advion Syngenta Cockroach Gel Bait

These bait tubes deliver a targeted gel matrix that roaches are unable to resist. Just lay the bait down around your suspected infestation areas and it will get the job done in a remarkably short amount of time. You’ll need to use about 5 spots of bait for every 10 feet of surface area being covered, so you might need to purchase a second box if you’re unsure of where the nest may be. If you place this bait away from the nests, it may not work, and remember to not use it around food products. Otherwise, we found this to be a very effective product.

Click here to view the price on Amazon and buy now.

No More Roaches

This is a natural roach killer that will take care of any stage of infestation. Adults, nymphs, and even acts are effectively controlled with this stain-free solution. It’s also formulated to be safe around pets and kids, so you won’t have to worry about inadvertent contamination.

The combination of essential oils is a very powerful smell, so make sure you use it in a well-ventilated area for best results. Then just wait for it to work on those roaches. Every spray will drive them away.

Click here to view the price on Amazon and buy now.


This roach killing bait helps you to eliminate nests without exposing your family to the poison it contains. Make sure that you’re purchasing the right type of bait station from this manufacturer – this particular product is for small roaches only. We like how the stations are constructed, giving the roach just enough room to enter, but not enough room for curious fingers or pet noses to get involved. Get up to a year’s worth of protection with this Fipronil product and you won’t have to worry about roaches anymore.

Click here to view the price on Amazon and buy now.

Ortho Home Defense Max

Sometimes you need to take care of the roaches inside. Then there are the times when you need to stop the roaches from coming inside. That’s what happens when you use this effective outdoor solution. It creates a “bug barrier” that prevents several different types of insects from gaining access to your home. It’s odor-free, sprays accurately straight from the container, and will work for up to 12 months at a time. In a pinch, you can also use this product indoors, but we’d recommend only using it in garages and sheds. Other roach killing products tend to work better indoors.

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If you want to take more of a traditional approach to roach control, then we recommend this highly effective boric acid bait. This powder helps you to kill roaches in areas that are particularly difficult to reach – especially underneath your refrigerator. The bottle comes with an applicator tip to make administration of it easy as well. Just puff the powder where you want it to go and the insects are attractive to the proprietary lure. Remember to keep this product dry for best results.

Click here to view the price on Amazon and buy now.

Hot Shot

This liquid roach bait comes in six stations and will kill the insects and whatever eggs they happen to be carrying. It will even kill nests in 24 hours or less. It attracts them quickly to the bait station, delivers fast results, and can keep working for up to 3 months to clear out any stragglers that might be in your home. Based on food and moisture, it is an almost irresistible combination. Now this product is heavily used in some areas and some roaches can grow resistant to it, so if you see no results in 2-3 weeks, it’s time to use a different roach killer.

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This ant and roach spray is the perfect solution for those active roaches you see scurrying around the floor, in your cabinets, or even in your walls. It kills on contact without the lingering odor of other sprays, so that’s a definite plus. You’ll need to clean up afterward, however, if you’re spraying in common use areas. Otherwise, you can spray this product to create an effective repellent that works for up to 4 weeks. It does exactly what it says it will do, and that’s why we recommend it as one of the best roach killers out there today.

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This is another ultrasonic repellent that has proven to be effective in eliminating insects and other types of pests from the home. Just plug it into the wall and it begins to start getting rid of roaches without actually killing them. It does take about 3 weeks for this product to begin being effective, so give it some time and you will likely notice a reduction in roach activity.

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The best roach killer doesn’t have to actually kill to be effective. Whether you repel the insects, drive them away, or spray them with something that does kill a nest, these are the products that are proven to work. Don’t be surprised when you see a roach. Take action and get rid of them once and for all.