Best Mouse Traps and Mouse Bait Reviews

Source: Flickr.

Source: Flickr.

Mice can be cute. They can be a great pet. They can also be a destructive nuisance. If you’ve got a mouse infestation, then you’ve got the potential for some serious health consequences. Not only can there be disease in the droppings of this rodent, but the fleas they may be carrying can also carry disease – not to mention the itchy, red bites that these insects cause. One female mouse can have up to 10 litters per year, so now is the time to begin removing this rodent thanks to the best mouse traps and mouse bait reviews.

The Best Chart for Mouse Traps and Bait

If you want to know how to get rid of mice fast, then get a cat or two and let them hunt on your property. You’ll also want to check out these proven traps and bait products that can effectively remove this rodent from your property permanently.

PictureNameOur RatingPrice
PictureNameOur RatingPrice
Snap-E Mouse Trap 6 Pack 4.4
Eliminator Electronic Rodent Trap 4.0
made2catch One Click Mouse Trap 4.7
Rat Zapper Classic Rat Trap 3.9
Catchmaster 30pk Glue Mouse Trap 4.3
Skyroku Electronic Mouse Trap 4.0
Intruder 6pk Mouse Trap 4.3
MLG Quick Response Mouse Trap 4.2
Alazco Trapper Max Glue Trap 4.2
JT Eaton Jawz Plastic Mouse Trap 4.6

When You Should Choose a Mouse Trap

A mouse trap is a very effective way of controlling this rodent’s local population. By baiting a trap, you can use it over and over again to lure in mice and have it capture and/or kill them. You then let the mouse out some place far away from your home or discard its carcass safely and repeat the process until you get rid of all of them.

The time to choose a mouse trap over bait is when you have small children and/or pets living with you. Kids can be curious about mouse bait and try to handle it, which may cause a toxic reaction to their skin. Many baits contain poisons as well, which could affect the health of your child or your pet if it were directly ingested. If you have a kitty or two that helps you control mouse population levels, baiting can inadvertently poison your pet if the mouse should consume the bait and your pet should consume the mouse.

Kids are curious about mouse traps and some are strong enough to break little fingers if a child should trigger one accidentally, so place them in locations where this won’t be an issue or use one of the best humane mouse traps that is available today. Look for rodent pathways, especially along the edges of a room, for an entry point. This is the best place to use a trap.

When You Should Choose Mouse Bait

Mouse bait is an effective way to begin luring out a large nest of rodents. When you see mice running out and about during the day, this is an indication that you have a large population. Most mice will stick close to their nests during daylight hours and only scurry around at night unless population levels are overflowing.

It is important to understand that using a poison as mouse bait isn’t always the best solution. Although poisons will kill the rodents, you’re still left with the job of disposal. Not every poisonous mouse bait will work immediately, which means you might end up with a few dead mice stinking up your home because they’ve curled up and died in your wall.

That’s why having many weapons of mouse destruction in your arsenal will be to your advantage. Sometimes a mousetrap is your best solution. Sometimes putting peanut butter or cheese in a humane trap is your best option. Sometimes you need to go beyond the standard mouse trap to the new innovations of today so you can get the job done.

What To Do If You’ve Got Smart Mice

Mice are instinctively curious. This is why baited mouse traps often work. They sense something they want, so they go to inspect it and that ends up being the last decision they make in this life. Mice, however, are also incredibly intelligent. When their buddies stop coming home to the nest, they realize there’s something up. They’ll change their traffic patterns. They’ll climb shelves instead of run along the floor. They’ll even change their entry points if they can.

Smart mice can be incredibly difficult to capture. Many can even outwit your kitty helper. When you’ve got smart mice, you need to up your game. This is when going to track and trap systems will help you out a lot.

Mouse urine can be revealed through UV light, so these traps work by using a black light to show you where the rodents are urinating. The dust on these track and traps works in the same way. You bait the mouse to come into the dust and then you can track their footprints through the UV to determine where their entry points are. From there, you can start using rodenticides, humane traps, or other bait and trap options based on your personal preferences and situation.

What Are the Prices of the Best Mouse Traps and Mouse Bait?

Most standard mouse traps are very affordable. You can pick up a 6 pack of standard snap traps for about $1 per trap. If you want something a little more innovative, but still effective like a snap trap, you can get plastic or metal traps instead of wood traps for about $3+ per trap and then be able to reuse them.

Mouse bait tends to be about $10+ per purchase and you’ll receive multiple bait stations or application options for this price. You will generally need to replace your mouse bait 1-3x per month depending on the levels of rodent infestation you’re experiencing.

Some mouse traps today involve glue or electrocution of the rodent. These may cost $15-$40 or more per trap, but give you the opportunity to dispose of the carcass without having to risk coming into physical contact with it. This may be your best option if you’re squeamish about disposing of the mice or want to lower the risks of coming into contact with the potential diseases they may be carrying.

What Do Our Reviews Have to Say?


Sometimes the traditional methods of trapping mice are the best. What you get with this 6 pack of mouse traps (or a 12 pack if you prefer) is a reusable snap trap that is effective at making sure you get a quick clean kill. Unlike wood traps, which may have blood soak into the surface, this safe alternative will allow you to quickly dispose of a carcass, clean the trap, and then set it with new bait to continue limiting the population. It resists stain and odor build-up as well. For the price, you can’t beat the value of this trap.

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This is the unique mouse trap you’ll want to have if you’re concerned about the injuries that may occur when using a snap trap. It’s easy to bait and set this trap. You just get it set with one click and then the mouse triggers the trap when it accesses the bait. We found the kills from this trap were a bit more reliable than with a snap trap and the metal construction of it will give you a higher level of durability. Its price point is a little higher than other traps in this category, but we can’t argue with the results it is able to provide.

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Rat Zapper Classic

There’s some good and there’s some negative points to consider with this type of mouse trap. When it works as it should, the kill is fast and humane. It also offers a hands-free approach to disposal so you don’t have to hunt down a paper towel to grab the critter by the tail. The down side is that this trap works well until you get an intelligent rodent sharing your space. Some have figured out how to snag your bait without setting off the current that kills them, so they get a free meal. We recommend only using this trap for the occasional mouse infestation for best results.

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This is another one of the new design mouse traps that is remarkably effective at what it does. This model is made from a high quality plastic that is supported by a stainless steel spring. This prevents escape from the trap or a sprung trap that allows your bait to get stolen. You just release the trap like you’d press down on a clothes pin and that release the carcass into your preferred disposal method. If pets or kids are too curious about the traditional snap trap, we recommend this as a safer alternative for an effective kill.

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This 6 pack of mouse traps is built on the standard snap trap design. It uses polystyrene and steel for effective results and can be reused after cleaning multiple times for about the same price as a wooden mouse trap. The instant triggering is difficult to get around and is sensitive enough that you’ll want to watch your fingers when setting it up to avoid injury. We definitely recommend putting this trap out of reach of any children or pets in your home. For effectiveness at what it does, however, we definitely give this trap an A+ grade.

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The best mouse traps and mouse bait reviews will help you find the right combination of tools to keep your rodent population under control. Consider your needs and then select the best options from this category to make sure you don’t have to share your home with rodents any more.