Best Indoor Mosquito Trap Reviews

Source: Flickr.

Source: Flickr.

You avoid going outside at sunrise and sunset. You’ve been proactive about making sure there isn’t any standing water on your property. You apply the best mosquito repellents according to the instructions on the label. You might even sleep with a mosquito net over your bed at night. Yet, even with all of these proactive measures, you’re finding itchy bites all over your skin. This is when the best indoor mosquito trap reviews can help you find a great product to control interior insect populations that could be dangerous to your health.

The Best Chart for Indoor Mosquito Traps

The goal of the best mosquito trap is to kill the bothersome insect. Although every trap is effective at some level, we’ve put together this chart to help you compare and contrast the proven products in this category. That way you can have confidence in your future purchase.

PictureNameOur RatingPrice
PictureNameOur RatingPrice
Aspectek 20w Indoor Bug Zapper 4.4
Pure Enrichment Electronic Insect Killer 4.2
Pest Sentry Electronic Bug Zapper 4.3
EasyGo Zapper 4.5
Fly Web Fly Trap 4.0
Outxpro 20w Electronic Indoor Bug Kill Trap 4.1
Flowtron 120w Indoor/Outdoor Bug Zapper 4.2
Mosquito Magnet Octenol Secondary Attractant 4.4
Miatech Electric Bug Zapper and Fly Swatter 4.6

What Is a Mosquito Trap and Why Do I Need One?

Mosquitoes can fly up to 7 miles away from their initial breeding spot. They don’t weigh a lot, fly very fast, or consume a lot of your blood if they manage to bite you, but are also one of the most dangerous creatures on our planet. They are a food source for many predators, but can also spread an amazing number of diseases.

Mother Nature also hates it when we cause a species to go extinct. Get rid of the mosquitoes and who knows what kind of blood-sucking creatures she might send our way. That’s why we want to keep the mosquitoes on the outside and kill them when they come inside our homes. This is where the best mosquito traps can become an advantage.

Outdoor bug zappers have proven to be rather ineffective when it comes to controlling mosquito populations. In some studies, the placement of a standard box fan on a deck was a better repellent to the insects than the electrocution device. Outdoor zappers also tend to reduce the predators which feed on mosquitoes, which hits you with a double whammy. With fewer predators and ineffective kill rates, you can actually have more mosquitoes outside.

Indoors is a different story. Indoor zappers and other mosquito traps use attractants to lure in female insects so they can’t lay their eggs. Others use suction devices that bring in the insect and don’t allow it to fly away. They are effective at reducing population levels, especially when combined with the best natural mosquito repellents and other products that keep mosquitoes out of the home.

How Can I Reduce Indoor Mosquito Levels?

The problem with an indoor mosquito trap is that it is a reactive solution to your problem. You wouldn’t be shopping for a trap today if you didn’t have a mosquito problem you’re concerned about, right? The best way to control indoor mosquito levels is to take a proactive and reactive approach to your situation. Think about using this 3 step process to stop these biting insects from being a long-term bother in your home.

    1. Close any pathways. Mosquitoes won’t come into your home if they don’t have a pathway of entry. Broken windows, small door gaps, or even foundational cracking can give these insects the chance to invade your home. Repair these issues and you’ll naturally reduce indoor population levels.
    2. Apply repellents to problematic areas. Many homes experience mosquito problems in the garage and the utility/laundry room because these often have direct access to the outside. Apply repellents in these areas to give yourself another barrier against an invasion.
    3. Deploy mosquito traps. The best proactive measures aren’t always 100% effective. This is when you’ll want to have one of the best indoor mosquito traps on the market today helping you out.

It is important to have reasonable expectations when controlling indoor mosquito population levels. There isn’t a single ultimate solution that will help you kill every insect that might think about coming inside to bother you. The best controls come from ongoing efforts which work together to prevent entry and then kill those that do manage to make it inside.

How to Choose the Best Mosquito Trap for Me

The effectiveness of a mosquito trap depends on the attractants that are being used for it. The best types of attractant depend on the environmental conditions of your region. For example: in the United States, the northern and some coastal areas should use octenol as an attractant, whereas the southern states should use Lurex instead. Using the right attractant for your mosquito trap can increase your catch rates by up to 10x.

Once you’ve decided on the attractant, then you’re ready to decide on the mosquito trap. Propane traps, zappers, glue, and other methods of capture are all available today. It is important to make sure that your preferred trap can be used indoors because not every trap is rated for interior environments. Read each mosquito trap review carefully to make sure you can use your trap inside where the insects are trying to bite.

Then there’s the cost to think about. Sometimes the best mosquito trap for your home is the one that you can afford right now.

What Are the Prices of the Best Mosquito Traps Today?

You’ll find a wide range of prices on the best indoor mosquito traps right now. If you’re looking for something basic, like a glue trap or a hanging attractant killer, then you can find something to meet your needs for less than $20.

Indoor bug zappers tend to be priced in the $30-$50 range, but larger models may reach the $100 price point. Some indoor traps and zappers come with an industrial level of quality, which can cause prices to exceed $200. Most homes, however, would not benefit from these commercial-grade options and can usually find something that meets their needs for the price of a nice dinner out with the family.

What Do Our Reviews Have to Say?


This electric indoor insect killer is surprisingly effective at killing off the mosquitoes and other flying insects that have invaded your home. It covers up to 6,000 square feet of space, so there are some commercial applications for this unit as well. Once the mosquito is zapped, it falls into a collection tray that is easy to dispose of and then wash and use once again. The protective cage is effective at stopping accidental contact by fingers or pets and you won’t have to worry about spraying insecticides inside ever again.

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Pure Enrichment

With 2100 volts of bug zapping power, this is the mosquito trap you’ll want to use if a floor model isn’t appropriate for your home. It hangs from any elevated hook and uses a UV bulb to attract mosquitoes for a more effective kill rate. The bugs fall into the collection tray consistently, making cleanup remarkably easy to do. A 10 foot power cord is incorporated into the design, but we found using an extension cord didn’t change the results we were seeing. It’s safe, effective, and can clear an 800 square foot room of mosquitoes in a couple of days.

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This mosquito trap works with all indoor flying insects, making it an affordable option that doesn’t include zapping if you’re worried about child or pet interference. The light attractant is the same as a bug zapper, but instead of sending voltage through the insect, the bugs are trapped to a glue-board. There are no odors, no mess, and the results are consistent. Just replace the glue-board every so often to keep killing mosquitoes. This trap plugs into a standard North American outlet and can remove mosquitoes for up to 600 square feet.

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If you have a lot of mosquitoes that are bothering you, then this is the powerful bug zapper that you’ll want to have. When hung outdoors, it can give you up to 2 acres of coverage for effective results. Indoors it will give you 1,200 square feet of coverage. Unlike other models, you can mount this zapper vertically or horizontally so you can get the best results possible. It’s ideal for barns, commercial dumpster locations, and your home when the mosquitoes are trying to use your blood for their nightly party.

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Who says you can’t have some fun when trying to get rid of some mosquitoes? This tennis racket-style bug zapper can be used indoors or outdoors so you can just swing at the mosquitoes and have them go away. There’s an activation button, which must be held to turn on the current, so although it isn’t really a child-proof device as advertised, it can cut down on accidental personal zappings. If you’re ready to take the fight to the mosquitoes, you won’t find a more fun or affordable way to do so.

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The best indoor mosquito trap reviews may not utilize propane or other attractants as often as outdoor traps, but the results can be just as effective. Find your best solution today so that all of your tomorrows can be mosquito-free inside your home.