Best Humane Mouse Trap Reviews

Source: Flickr.

Source: Flickr.

You’ve got mice and they’re destroying your home. They might even be robbing your pantry of food. You can see their droppings every morning when you wake up. You’ve heard that mouse traps are an effective way to remove these rodents from your home, but you don’t like the idea of a snap trap killing them… or worse, leaving them alive in the trap suffering from an injury for hours until they finally die. This is where the best humane mouse trap reviews can help you find the right pest control tool to keep your home free from mice.

The Best Chart for Humane Mouse Traps

Humane mouse traps can come in many different styles and formats. Some are designed to capture the mouse by closing a trap door to prevent their escape. Others create instant death through electrocution. Determine what you’re comfortable using with the products in the chart below and you’ll be off to a good start on your journey to be pest free.

PictureNameOur RatingPrice
PictureNameOur RatingPrice
Humane Moustrap Smart Trap Pack of 2 4.1
The Atomic Barbie Rat Trap 4.6
Mice Cube Mouse Trap 12 pack 4.1
Havahart Easy Set Small 1-Door Animal Trap 3.8 $$$
HUA Rat/Mouse Trap Bottle 4.0
Hoont Plug-In Electronic Pest Eliminator 4.1
Raticator Humane Mouse Trap 4.8
Ketch-All Moustrap 4.0

What Is a Humane Mouse Trap and Why Would I Need One?

Some people have no problem killing a mouse. Others have no desire to harm any animal, including the mice that are raiding their kitchen every night. If you fall into the latter category, your compassion for the little mouse is still something that you can turn into action. The best humane mouse trap will let you capture the mouse unharmed so it can be released back into the great outdoors.

Or, at the very least, be guaranteed to kill the rodent immediately and painlessly so it doesn’t have to suffer if the snap trap malfunctions for some reason.

Sometimes your mouse infestation issue can be quite large. You could spend a fortune on disposable mouse traps or you could purchase one humane mouse trap and begin working to whittle down the population over time without needing to dispose of any dead rodents. Just take the captured rodent outside, open the trap door, and watch it scurry away into the brush.

Common Issues with Human Mouse Traps

“I found that the humane mouse trap was a great idea until the mice started getting too smart for the trap.”

This is the type of negative feedback you will generally find when reading some of the best humane mouse trap reviews. To be fair, we are a routine-orientated species. We get into a habit and we stay there. Mice are smart enough to figure out our habits and avoid them. That’s why changing your habits by switching up your bait or the location of the trap can help you avoid this common issue. You’ll need to keep checking your baited traps on a regular basis

“My humane mouse trap has been doing a great job at capturing mice, but I keep taking them outside and still wind up with more in the trap.”

When you see feedback like this, there is either a very large rodent population in the home or there are multiple entry points that have not been effectively blocked. Mice are very creative at achieving their goals and they can chew through many materials to create their own pathway into your home. You’ll need to make sure that you’re blocking all known entryways with reinforced copper meshing to stop these pests from making their way back into the home.

When Being Humane Isn’t Really Humane At All

When releasing a captured mouse back outside, many may consider taking the rodent to a location that is far enough away from their home so the rodent won’t be a bother to them anymore. When this is done, however, the mouse has no bearings for their environment. They don’t know where to locate food or water. This makes them weaker, more prone to disease development, and there’s a good chance that they might find themselves as dinner for a predator. Block entry points and release the mouse locally for a truly humane approach.

You’ll also want to follow all instructions for baiting the trap. If there are none, then place the bait at the very back of the humane mouse trap. Otherwise the trap door can come down on the mouse’s tail, which will likely break it or amputate it, eliminating the humane design of the trap.

If all else fails and your traps aren’t working to your liking and the mice seem to be taking over, then the best mouse traps and mouse bait reviews can help you locate a better product that will help to permanently eliminate the pests that are bothering you in your home.

What Are the Prices of the Best Humane Mouse Traps?

As you go through the best humane mouse trap reviews, you’ll notice that these traps tend to be a little more expensive than the standard snap traps that are on the market today. Most humane mouse traps tend to be at least $10, with many of them being between $20-$40. This is because you’re purchasing a trap that can be used multiple times to remove mice from your home. You’re paying for design improvements that will help you to eliminate the mouse from your home without killing it.

Some traps may cost even more than these average prices. You’ll want to read each review carefully to determine if the value proposition offered by the trap’s features is worth the premium investment.

What Do Our Reviews Have to Say?

Smart Mouse

This is one of the few mouse traps that is actually endorsed by top animal rights organizations. It doesn’t use any poison or glue, so it’s safe to use around pets and kids. Just bait the trap and your mouse can hang out in his own little green home until it is time to release it back into the wild. Escape is delayed from this trap until the mouse actually consumes the bait, recommended as a saltine cracker, so you have less of a risk of coming into contact with the critter. It’s effective even for some voles and other similar sized rodents as well.

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Atomic Barbie

This is the metal mesh trap that works with your larger mice and other rodents that might be trying to come around your home. Made from aluminum so it is extremely lightweight, it is also suitable for outdoor use if you have a pesky rabbit or opossum lurking around your home. The spring triggered door works with a latch so it’s harmless with the bait station at the back. The mesh also prevents your fingers from coming into contact with the creature when you’re moving it to release it back into the wild. The bait tray is a little bendable for a stubborn rodent, but nothing you can’t fix after sending them out of the house for good and that’s the only real negative we noticed.

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Mice Cube

If you have a serious mouse problem you’re trying to get under control, then this 12 pack of affordable humane mouse traps might be your best option. It offers a safe, clean, and surprisingly silent method of capture. Once the little guy comes in to steal the bait, the one-way door closes down on him and he’s trapped until you release him. Just make sure you check these traps periodically and clean them out after every capture for best results. It’s one of the easiest and best mouse traps we’ve had the chance to check out so far.

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The small version of this widely available humane mouse trap is always a consistent top seller for one reason: it works. The mesh grid is larger than some competitive models, but still small enough that you won’t have the mice stealing the bait on you for a free dinner. The door operates on gravitation principles and has a sensitive trigger so you get a fast capture. The trigger rod is also outside of the cage with this design so you don’t have to worry about a smart mouse figuring out how to set itself free. It’s a small investment, but one that is definitely worth taking a second look at today.

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Sometimes repelling the mice is your best option. This is especially true if you have access points which can’t be found for rodent entry, like a back corner behind a gas furnace in your concrete foundation (personal experience there). Just plug in this electronic device and it will disturb the rodents enough that they’ll want to get out of your home for good. Ultrasonic signals mix with sound waves and flashing LEDs can’t be heard by you or your pets, but you can bet the rodents will hear it. You’ll need one for every affected room for best results.

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The best humane mouse trap reviews will give you the no-kill option you need to remove these potentially harmful creatures from your home. Choose the one that best fits your needs today, take appropriate control methods to limit infestations, and you’ll have a rodent-free home in no time at all.