pestHow: We’re All About Pest Control

Why prevent pests from entering your home? What are the basics of pest control? If you’re looking to find out how to prevent pests from taking over your life, then this is the site for you. Each common pest has a dedicated guide that will give you everything you need to know to win the war against it. From mosquitoes to lice to snails and slugs, you will find that we are all about pest control.

The Costs of Pest Damage Are Enormous

According to US estimates, just one species of moth has caused over $1 billion in direct damages since 1993. Now imagine how that by the dozens of moth species that exist in every place around the planet. That’s a lot of money and it’s coming directly out of your bank account. Pests cost us money every day. Until we do something to stop them, that is always going to be a fact of life.

Here’s some good news: although pest control also has a cost associated with it, the costs of proactively controlling pests is less than the damage that a pest can cause.

The problem that we face today is also one of our greatest advantages. The Internet is filled to the brim with disinformation about how to eliminate specific pests. People search for pest control options, find inaccurate instructions that are based on myths and legends, and wind up wasting their money. The pests are still around and now the bank account is lighter.

It’s time to stop fooling around with these pests. It’s time to eliminate pests once and for all. That’s what every single one of our guides is intended to do for you.

There Aren’t Any False Promises Here

Each guide covers every effective technique that is known to stop a pest infestation as soon as it can. You will find information about pesticides on each guide, but you’ll also find information about homeopathic methods of pest control. Did you know that you can stop moths from eating your clothes by coating them in cinnamon and cloves? Or that you can use olive oil to stop a problem with lice?

Why prevent pests? Because it puts cash back into your bank account.

Our goal here is simple: to make sure that you can solve your pest problem for the lowest possible cost. We do this by taking a 3-step approach to each guide.

  • You’ll receive clear background information about each pest and what makes it vulnerable.
  • You’ll find proven strategies that work to reduce and then eliminate the pest population.
  • We show you examples of products that are proven to work.

You could spend thousands of dollars every year figuring out the basics of pest control. If you want to discover the basics of pest control from a DIY method and learn how to prevent pests proactively, then be sure to review each relevant guide and follow its tips, suggestions, or instructions.

In doing so, you’ll know how to win the war against pests one day at a time.